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President's Message

Message From Dr. Shravan Subramanyam

Dear NATHEALTH Members,

At the precipice of marking a new era in healthcare, the pandemic taught us the value of a unified front. Building the future of the healthcare industry, NATHEALTH brings together diverse voices, engaging perspectives, and meaningful dialogues to accelerate the pace of transformative care. Our mission is to foster innovation, bridge the skill and capacity gap, shape policy ecosystems, and enable the environment to fund long term growth. To transform into an institution of excellence in tandem with 3.0’s strategic agenda, this year, NATHEALTH is steering the most critical conversations in the Indian health ecosystem by owning and influencing strategic healthcare agenda.

The last two years were lessons in learning. The need to rebuild and re-structure the existing healthcare infrastructure, is now. The future is now, and we must start preparing for unpredictable tomorrows. As we look towards recovery to combat future emergencies, we must look at planning the next five years in the first phase and perhaps decades ahead of putting back together the pieces and adding more elements to enable all of us to live the new normal. We cannot do this in silos. We need to collaborate. We need to have a fresh, radical approach to address key gaps in our public health systems. All the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem must work in tandem to bring solutions to address the key gaps in Indian health systems. Public and private stakeholders both need to rethink how we are going to address systemic issues in India, look at investing in and rebuilding healthcare infrastructure as a strategic asset.

From reshaping the infrastructure, to bridging the gaps in the lack of skilled workforce, restructuring healthcare financing and accelerating innovations and research through stronger policies, collaboration and knowledge exchange will anchor the shift. A significant part of this story is the focus on preventive health and NCD management. We are living in the digital economy where AI is an integral part of everything we do. How do we leverage the power of technology to improve access to quality healthcare? Are we doing enough? How do we build the vision envisaged in the National Digital Health Mission? Today, we are strengthening the building blocks of healthcare which will redefine the future.

To accelerate India’s momentum to achieve universal health coverage, we need to eradicate the barriers to access quality healthcare by ensuring healthcare services reach the last mile. Driving this journey, we must leverage technologies and expand alternative care models. There is a need to build a constructive dialogue in this direction through NATHEALTH where every stakeholder in the system can engage in redefining future of healthcare.

We are confident, as a unified voice, that this year, NATHEALTH will contribute towards discovering the ways to improve patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner for a better tomorrow. NATHEALTH is the forum that will facilitate the collaborations, will influence the decision-making procedures and might also be the driving force behind required policy changes to make Atmanirbhar Bharat a reality. It will go beyond issues, forging partnerships with national and international stakeholders, building thought leadership for the federation and driving sharp communication through data-backed advocacy. The government, industry in coherence with the academia will drive this change, together.

The time is now, to rebuild, restructure and reimagine our healthcare systems for the new era of the 21st century- the post-pandemic era.


Dr. Shravan Subramanyam

President, NATHEALTH (Healthcare Federation of India)
President & CEO, GE Healthcare, India & South Asia and Managing Director, Wipro GE Healthcare

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