President's Message

Message From Mr. Abhay Soi

Dear NATHEALTH Members,

NATHEALTH represents the genesis of a transformative movement, where key stakeholders in India’s healthcare sector have joined hands to engage and foster an environment conducive to driving the next phase of development. Serving as a high-level platform, it aims to catalyze a shift in perspectives, service delivery, and decision-making processes. NATHEALTH’s visionary leadership has proved that it is capable of propelling change, shaping policies and fostering collaborative efforts for sustainable healthcare solutions tailored to the nation’s needs.

Over the years, NATHEALTH’s leadership and members, drawn from various domains including hospitals, diagnostics, medical technology, health-tech, senior care, nursing associations, mission organizations, and many others, have pursued a singular vision: to establish NATHEALTH as a cohesive force dedicated to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality. Working as partners, thought leaders, and advocates, they have played pivotal roles in cultivating partnerships, enhancing dialogue with governmental bodies, shaping policies and regulations, and serving as staunch advocates for healthcare providers’ interests, particularly during challenging periods.

India’s public expenditure on healthcare stood at 2.1 % of GDP in FY23, 2.2% in FY22, 1.6% in FY21, as per the Economic Survey 2022-23.  Leading players are shifting focus and venturing beyond big cities to tap into the booming healthcare market through an asset-light approach and value-based care models. PE and VC investments in hospitals have seen sustained interest. Robust expansion is expected in India’s healthcare sector and with patients demanding quality care, this indeed are interesting times for all of us. The next few years will be critical to deliberate on how the sector can further fuel growth, recommend action points to the Government, support best practices, bridge the skill and capacity gap and increase accessibility to quality care for patients. We have to continue efforts for a sound policy framework, streamlining of regulatory mechanisms, investments and innovations that can be achieved through public-private partnerships. We also have to address the rising challenges of increasing non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and the overall inadequacy of healthcare infrastructure. NATHEALTH will be a key a catalyst for need-based interventions.

As the new President, my primary focus would be on sustaining NATHEALTH’s position as the voice of the healthcare ecosystem, providing increased visibility to industry contributions and driving a positive narrative for the role of private healthcare sector in India. Our regional chapters will be important partners in our endeavour to provide a platform to the regional, small and medium healthcare providers to become part of the federation’s visionary ecosystem. With the support of our new leadership team, we will sharpen our focus on thought leadership, creating new market and tech access, robust communication, transparency in governance and forging alliances. I greatly look forward to working with you to ensure that our efforts  enable the healthcare sector to reach new heights!

Thank you,

Abhay Soi

President, NATHEALTH,
Chairman and Managing Director, Max Healthcare Institute Limited

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