MedTech 2.0 – Powering the Arogya Bharat 2024 Agenda

March 18, 2024by ET Healthworld

The healthcare industry in India is rapidly progressing and advancing towards a new era of technological innovation and possibilities, with MedTech at the helm of it all. Positioned as the vanguard of this transformation, the concept of MedTech 2.0 heralds a significant shift in the healthcare landscape of the nation. It promises to enhance access to precision MedTech, accelerate clinical outcomes for patients, and serve as a pivotal component in advancing the Arogya Bharat 2024 agenda.

But what is MedTech 2.0 for the industry and how will it impact the healthcare delivery system in India?
MedTech 2.0 embodies the integration of cutting-edge and emerging technologies in the field of medical devices and healthcare systems. It encompasses the integration of smart connected care, new advances in diagnosis and therapeutic breakthroughs and the subsequent enhancement of clinical outcomes

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