Key Themes

Shaping India's health system by owning and influencing strategic healthcare agenda and being at epicentre of health ecosystem

Focus areas

NATHEALTH 3.0 (Shaping India health system by owning and influencing strategic healthcare agenda and being at epicenter of health ecosystem)

Infrastructure Expansion

Decongesting, debottlenecking  institutions, Affordable care expansion in Tier  II-IV (new business models, tech  enabled, partnership  Govt/Private, private-private,  etc.), New models of care (out of hospital, step down, urgent, ambulatory care, specialty care expansion, home care etc.)

Digital Health

Tech infra, solutions: IT backbone/ Interoperability / tech stack; HIS/EMR; Health ID, Disease  repository, analytics, Skilling and education expansion  (asynchronous training, CME,  upskilling, etc.), Access expansion (virtual care,  discovery platform), Integrated care enablement, coordination

Healthcare Innovation

Start up ecosystem enablement, Partnership models (Corp VC, financial investors, strategic partnership, etc.), Setting up Healthcare accelerators, incubators, Atmanirbar for healthcare products and devices in India (value focused); design and make in India

Globalizing India’s Healthcare

Medical Value Travel full potential, Global Supply Chain Integration, India for global healthcare delivery (remote monitoring,  virtual care delivery, etc.), India as data/analytics hub  (payers, providers, etc.), Alternative medicine expansion

Aarogya Bharat (health system evolution)

New financing models  (capitation, performance based,  strategic purchasing, etc.), Preventive, public and  population health, Delivery innovations, New models: value-based care, Universal health expansion

Investment Areas

Thought Leadership (original research, white papers etc.)
Lighthouse, demonstration projects backed by strategic CSR
Seminal conferences, high profile events, Partnership with other federations
Sharp Communication and data backed advocacy