Genome sequencing: The future of preventive healthcare is now

September 7, 2022by Times Now
We were often told that “Prevention is better than cure”. Yet, in matters of health, it is a human tendency to seek medical help only after detecting clinical symptoms. The trend is now changing as many more people have realised the benefits of prevention on quality of life and longevity. As the quest for “nirvana” continues for an increasing percentage of the population, we have seen a drastic rise in nutritionists, gyms, genomics companies and wellness centres. Post-Covid, many more people are aware of terms like immunity and prevention.
A growing population is now taking preventive steps to monitor their health or biohacking as it is popularly called. While there are some who take biohacking to extreme levels, the average person bases their efforts on blood tests, diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. With the advent of Preventive genomics, this has become more personalised and predictive. With access to genome sequencing or low-cost genotyping, an average consumer can reduce the odds of disease and enhance longevity.

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