Breaching the digital frontier for Indian healthcare

March 26, 2022by admin

Digital is the future in all sectors of the economy and society and healthcare is no exception. Digital delivery will become integral to healthcare provision, and something that people have embraced after being driven indoors by the pandemic. For India, this is a solution to the vexed problem of providing healthcare to a massive population confronted by inadequate hospital beds, doctor and nurse coverage ratios.

Digital adoption is a powerful engine for healthcare providers as they gear up to meet the growing requirements of India’s population. Providers need to consider fundamental shifts in care delivery, focusing on personalized care, efficiency and resilience of health systems. The standalone/facility-driven approach healthcare needs to be replaced with integrated care management, innovative technology, digital analytics and well-knit supply chains to maximize outcomes, make processes agile and efficient, and enhance benefits for patients, practitioners and providers. The impact of these changes will be superior levels of care—preventative, self, primary, secondary and specialized.

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