10th NATHEALTH Annual Arogya Bharat Summit 2024 – Building Blocks and Role of Private Sector Ecosystem

March 14, 2024by The Week

• 100+ speakers, 5000+ delegates and emerging startups

• 4 Whitepaper releases – Health Financing, MedTech, Patient Safety and Digital Health

• Digital health CXO course in collaboration with Koita Foundation​

Apex healthcare industry body, NATHEALTH-Healthcare Federation of India is set to host its 10th Annual Summit 2024, bringing together the best minds in healthcare innovation and collaboration. This annual gathering has consistently proven to be a catalyst for positive change and advancements in the healthcare sector. This year’s theme “Arogya Bharat: India’s journey towards health for all and the crucial role of the private sector” has been chosen in continuation of the previous years, reflecting the ongoing commitment to critical healthcare priorities in India. India has a huge disease burden of communicable and noncommunicable diseases and need for quality, affordable healthcare, covering most vulnerable population.

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