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message from Mr. Sushobhan Dasgupta

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
January 2015

Dear NATHEALTH Members,
I am delighted to be an integral part of NATHEALTH which has progressed significantly in the last two years.

NATHEALTH is a truly inclusive, multi-stakeholder organization. It started with just a few members and since then has grown strongly not only in numbers but also in the diverse nature of its member organizations. Today NATHEALTH comprises of members from large corporate and trust hospitals, nursing homes, small to mid-size hospitals, pathological labs, imaging companies, medical technology and devices, healthcare consultancy firms and educational institutions.

NATHEALTH, set up in May 2012, aspires to be the credible voice of India's healthcare sector - to work for the benefit of the people of our great country, address wide ranging issues important to India's healthcare stakeholders and champion the growth of this sector, so core to the robust development of our country. Its credibility is now fast gaining traction amongst Government circles and leading Industry bodies; its current spread of membership, rightfully, represents the wide variety of stakeholders that comprise India's healthcare ecosystem.

The Federation was formally launched on 23rd October,2013 The launch also witnessed the release of the White Paper on “Enabling access to long-term finance for healthcare in India’ by NATHEALTH in association with PwC.

In the year 2015 NATHEALTH celebrated its 2nd Annual Event on 20th January, 2015 with the release of the White Paper on “ Aarogya Bharat- India Healthcare Roadmap of 2025” by NATHEALTH in collaboration with Bain & Co.

One of the major challenges facing India today is providing affordable healthcare to millions of unserved and underserved patients. Consider the rapidly changing demographics of an aging population, a growing middle class, the persistence of chronic diseases and the scale and complexity of the challenge is magnified. Even though healthcare is our greatest challenge, it is also the greatest hope for a better future. At NATHEALTH, we are committed to work towards reaching our goal of providing accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone.

On behalf of NATHEALTH, I am privileged to invite you to be the credible and unified voice in improving access and quality of healthcare.

Please find enclosed all relevant details pertaining to the membership application, fees etc. Kindly reach out to the NATHEALTH Secretariat, members of the Governing Council or me for any clarifications that you may need.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm personal regards,

Sushobhan Dasgupta
President, Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
Email: sdasgupta2@its.jnj.com