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message from Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
April 2014

Dear NATHEALTH Members,
I am delighted to reach out to you, as a very important member of the Healthcare ecosystem of India, to solicit your support and active participation in driving the Healthcare agenda of our country through the aegis of NATHEALTH - the "Healthcare Federation of India".

NATHEALTH represents our collective aspiration, to work together with all stakeholders, to find solutions to the myriad challenges faced by the healthcare sector of our country. India is challenged by the three themes of affordability, accessibility and reliability; large parts of our population have little or grossly inadequate access to quality healthcare; the urban and rural inequity is stark - all this in the back drop of an onslaught of Non-Communicable Diseases that are impacting people from across socio-economic strata. Add to this the inadequacy of healthcare delivery infrastructure, shortage of talent, non-availability of low interest capital, high cost of land and we have a compendium of significant issues to address if the vision of "Healthcare for All" is to be delivered to the citizens of our country.

NATHEALTH, set up in May 2012, aspires to be the credible voice of India's healthcare sector - to work for the benefit of the people of our great country, address wide ranging issues important to India's healthcare stakeholders and champion the growth of this sector, so core to the robust development of our country. Its credibility is now fast gaining traction amongst Government circles and leading Industry bodies; its current spread of membership, rightfully, represents the wide variety of stakeholders that comprise India's healthcare ecosystem. Significant progress has been made in the past 2 years:

    NATHEALTH was registered in May 2012, under the Societies Registration Act No XXI of 1860, as
        applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi.

    A Governing Council of 16 members, from across diverse constituents of the healthcare sector, leads
        the delivery of NATHEALTH's agenda.

    Led by the Governing Council and contributed to by various stakeholders, the Vision, Mission and
        Roadmap for NATHEALTH has been created.

    NASSCOM and NATHEALTH have signed a collaboration MoU to bring developments in the field of IT to
        the benefit of India's Healthcare Sector.

    NATHEALTH has submitted to the Government an inclusive and robust proposal for 2014 Budget and
        we will follow up with the new Government on these recommendations.

On behalf of the Governing Council and the larger members' fraternity, I am privileged to invite you to join NATHEALTH and contribute to the transformation of healthcare in India. Together, we have the capability to bring about positive change for the betterment of the citizens of our country.

Enclosed are all relevant details pertaining to the membership application, fees etc. Kindly reach out to the NATHEALTH Secretariat, members of the Governing Council or me for any clarifications that you may need.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm personal regards,

Shivinder M. Singh
President, Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
Email: vcoffice@fortishealthcare.com