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message from Preetha Reddy

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
June, 2020

Dear Members of the Healthcare Fraternity,

As I write, humanity is coming to terms to living with the dreaded 120nm virus, SARS- CoV-2 and preparing to move ahead in the ‘new normal’. It is a tumultuous situation and the healthcare fraternity is at the frontline of the biggest global medical crisis of recent times. As a sector, we are grappling with a multitude of fiscal and resource challenges. However, it is important that we remain optimistic and courageous, and bear in mind, that we are a beacon of hope for every Indian, and even mankind!

In combatting Covid-19, even the most developed healthcare systems of the world have been overwhelmed. Yet, in India, the public and the private health sectors have been persevering to provide seamless care to patients and keep hospitals running 24x7. Our Bravehearts, the medical professionals and members of the essential services have been working tirelessly, and they stand tall as inspiring icons of resolute determination. As an industry, we must learn from these individuals, who have refused to give up, despite the odds.

Also, over the past 100 days, in spite of the prevailing uncertainty and gloom, India has adapted, learnt and evolved. A case in point is the burgeoning preference for Telemedicine across India, which stands testimony to our mind-set to embrace change. Further, it is said that the future belongs to those who can envision and create it. So, it is upon us to draw up a cutting edge blue print that would make healthcare equitable and truly inclusive, in every way.

Many of you have seen merit in the Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) and came aboard as a member. You have added might to our unified voice. For those of you, who are yet to sign up, I would urge you to do so, as this movement is for a healthier and stronger India, and it needs your unequivocal support.

In conclusion, on behalf of the entire Governing Council, I request every private healthcare organization to join forces for the sake of India and betterment of our fellow-citizens.

Best regards,

Preetha Reddy

President, Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)