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message from DR. H. SUDARSHAN BALLAL

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
March, 2019

Dear NATHEALTH Members,

This has been a truly tumultuous year for healthcare and the events of this year will certainly shape the future of healthcare in India.

The greatest and biggest news and development of 2018 is the rolling out of NHPM or Ayushman Bharat by the central government providing Rs.5 lakh coverage to about 500 million poorer sections of the society.

Stringent governmental regulations, increased public and media attention on the cost of healthcare will substantially affect the delivery of healthcare in our country. The effect of demonetization, GST and capping of prices would further impact healthcare in a big way. The greatest challenge for the healthcare sector is to “deliver 1 st world healthcare at 3 rd world costs.”

Given these challenges in the healthcare scenario NATHEALTH should focus on a much broader participation by various stake holders and be the “Voice and Face of Healthcare” in the country.

We should work along all the other forums for healthcare in the country at least in some critical areas and be the interface between the government and private sector in advising models for affordable, quality but viable healthcare for the masses. It would be crucial for NATHEALTH be an advisor and knowledge partner to the government on their policies regarding preventive care, primary care, management of NCD, digital health, skilling and expanding the pool of specialists both in the public and private sectors.

We should also be the torch bearers for safe guarding the interests of the healthcare sector in these difficult times.

On behalf of the Governing Council, I take this opportunity to invite all members to work together to advance the healthcare agenda of our country and, thereby, strengthen Indian Healthcare.

Kind regards,

Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal

President, Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)