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message from Dr Harsh Mahajan

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
March, 2021

Dear NATHEALTH Members,

NATHEALTH role in stewarding integration, collaboration and reimagination in the years ahead

The healthcare fraternity went through an unprecedented, crisis that completely transformed our ecosystem. While the challenge was huge, it also opened opportunities to scale up partnership between public and private sector, create high-tech and frugal innovation, expand existing infrastructure and establish a value-based service delivery model.

The healthcare industry currently needs multi-stakeholder support to focus on recovery, patient cantered care and to build a robust healthcare ecosystem. It is also equally important to establish trust between government and the industry to chart a way forward transforming the healthcare trajectory of the country. I strongly believe that Public Private Partnerships to increase investments in the sector is the way forward. This will require a new level of understanding and communication across stakeholders so that we work in lockstep towards common goals upholding high ethical standards of excellence. Private Private Partnerships should be designed to promote access and reduce costs that are not integral to adding value to patient care. There is also a need to conduct a scientific study in collaboration with the government and other technical credible partners to get an idea about cost of medical procedures so as to determine viability of healthcare delivery systems, both existing and new, as only if viability is demonstrated through long term policy framework will direly needed fresh investments flow into the healthcare eco system.

We need to broaden our perspectives and forge relationships with specialist organisations and technical partners- both global and local. The aim of fostering these relationships is to understand the need of the patients and provide them specialist services while catering to their pain points. The healthcare sector in India demonstrated its resilience and dynamic capabilities during crisis by stepping in to manufacturing critical medical equipment and vaccines. Leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, healthcare aggregators are key to improving access, delivering faster medical facilities to people in terms of testing, medical reports, imaging and telemedicine.

NATHEALTH will continue to promote innovation in healthcare to exceed the patient expectations and ensure last mile delivery of affordable quality healthcare and meet the ambitious goal of achieving UHC.

NATHEALTH has always provided a platform that enables organisations to collaborate and devise solutions to the long-standing challenges faced by the industry. We are committed to working on our mission to encourage innovation, help bridge the skill and capacity gap, help shape policy & regulations, and enable the environment to fund long-term growth. Our aim is to help build a 21st-century modern Indian healthcare system made in India for India .

This is the time to engage, collaborate and innovate!


Dr Harsh Mahajan

President NATHEALTH (Healthcare Federation of India)
Founder and Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging