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message from Mr. Daljit Singh

From the Desk of the President
Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)
March, 2018

Dear NATHEALTH Members,
The healthcare sector of our country stands at an inflection point, faced with myriad challenges: the onslaught of the dual burden of Non-Communicable and Communicable diseases that can significantly impact human development and economic growth, a woefully low public spend on healthcare, lack of access to health centers and hospitals in rural areas and small towns, inadequacy of doctors and nurses to cater to current and future demands, inability to pay for healthcare services by a very large part of our population, and unsatisfactory regulation, coupled with ineffective implementation, of quality are some of the key macro issues that need to be tackled. Add to these, the renewed focus of the Government to regulate prices of drugs and consumables, along with the entire aspect related to the steady erosion of trust between society at large and healthcare deliverers, the healthcare eco-system is indeed faced with an unique existential dilemma.

Within the overall healthcare eco-system of India, private healthcare has played and continues to play a stellar role in meeting the healthcare needs of our citizens. The past 25 years has witnessed India attaining significant capability in the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases in the domains of cardiology, renal sciences, gastroenterology, cancer treatment, orthopaedics, neuro-sciences, transplants etc; this has been the most significant contribution by private healthcare in the service of our country. India is also recognised globally as the preferred destination for treatment of NCDs and other health disorders – all this on the back of high quality and globally lowest cost delivery of healthcare services. The Government, recognising the huge unmet need for healthcare services in our country, has recently announced its intention to roll out the much needed National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS); it’s a truly laudable initiative that will require every stakeholder in the healthcare eco-system to collaborate, if its objectives are to be met.

Going forward the private healthcare eco-system will need to focus on a number of priorities, key amongst them being:

I am sure that all of us, under the aegis of NATHEALTH, will rise to the occasion and work collaboratively on solutions to address the above priorities and the many challenges facing our sector. Over the past 5 years, NATHEALTH has created a credible reputation for itself as the “Voice of Indian Healthcare”; it has done this by building good relationships with the relevant Government departments and ensuring collaboration amongst its members, as well as with other Industry bodies

On behalf of the Governing Council, I take this opportunity to invite all members to work together to advance the healthcare agenda of our country and, thereby, strengthen Indian Healthcare.  

Kind regards,

Daljit Singh

President, Governing Council
Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH)