a lot more

infrastructure, more facilities,
resources and empowerment.

Mr. Rahul Khosla
President, NATHEALTH
President, Max Group, Chairman, Max India, Max Life & Max Healthcare

On the occasion of NATHEALTH’s 4th anniversary, I would like to congratulate all its members for the significant progress we have made in evolving NATHEALTH into a truly inclusive and, multi-stake holder platform unparalleled in the history of India’s healthcare journey. It started with just a few members and today comprises a diverse and representative range of participants in the healthcare value chain, be they large corporate and trust hospitals, nursing homes, small to mid-size hospitals, pathological labs, imaging companies, medical technology and devices, healthcare consultancy firms and educational institutions. 

NATHEALTH is well positioned and has a unique opportunity to fulfil the objectives for which it was formed – bringing together all participants of the healthcare ecosystem to address the inequalities that characterize Indian healthcare today, and strive to build a healthier India through quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Mr. Daljit Singh
Treasurer, NATHEALTH
President, Fortis Healthcare Limited

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone, at the coming of age of an organization that was conceptualized, so to speak, only yesterday! The idea of bringing all stakeholders of India's Healthcare Sector, small and big, on to a common platform, to act as its unified voice, seemed both daunting and implausible. It is a true testimony to the leadership of the founders and the wider membership of NATHEALTH, that we see , firmly established, an institution in the making. The responsibility for this institution to be the flag bearer of Indian Healthcare is quite unambiguous; this is a responsibility that is born out of trust and must be discharged with utmost integrity and alignment to the objectives of the organization. With a foundation that is well established, NATHEALTH must now create positive impact to Indian Healthcare as it partners with all stakeholders, especially the Government, to build a Healthier India. 

Mr. Harish Pillai
Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
COO, Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd

It has been a wonderful four year journey wherein NATHEALTH has moved from being a multi stakeholder representative organisation to becoming a truly integrated healthcare association representing not only Hospitals , Diagnostics players , healthcare organisations , med tech , devices , multi-disciplinary associations etc. where in the Aam Aadmi of healthcare sectors voice is truly heard. The various initiatives like Medtech forum, Ethics committee, Prevention and Wellness initiatives, Digital India etc. are progressing from strength to strength. What is particularly pleasing is the strong interlink ages and collaborations with other Industry bodies like NASSCOM, IMA, association of small nursing homes etc. I am sure under the able stewardship of the NATHEALTH secretariat led by the indefatigable Anjan Dada and team and the visionary leadership of all the past presidents like Hon.Dr Pratap Reddy , Shivinder Singh ji , Sushobhan Dada , and now Rahul Bhai and the excellent Governing council team NATHEALTH is poised to play a very important role in not just setting new policy objectives but also in shaping policy in close collaboration with all the important stakeholders including Government departments  

Mr. Probir Das
Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
MD, Terumo India Private Ltd.

Excellent news!!!
The 4 years sure passed in a jiffy.
It's delightful to see the distance covered in this short time.
Kudos to you, the Secretariat, and the NATHEALTH leadership. 

Ms. Vinoo S Hinduja
Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
Co-Chairperson, Healthcare Hinduja Group
Managing Trustee, P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research

NATHEALTH which started as an idea to make India healthier today has successfully completed four years. We would like to thank the secretariat and the teamwork of the leaders. Congratulations!   

Mr. Sushobhan Dasgupta
Immediate Past President and Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
MD, Johnson & Johnson Medical India, VP, Diabetes Care Asia Pacific

Awesome - hearty congratulations to the secretariat for all the stellar efforts. Keep going stronger.

Congratulations on NATHEALTH’s 4th Anniversary and to your leadership, for bringing the Health Sector and diverse players in the ecosystem together. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with NATHEALTH and all your members, in driving the joint Health IT charter.

NATHEALTH has progressed leaps and bounds since its inception – the vision of being the credible voice of Indian healthcare is truly coming to fruition with all critical external stakeholders including several Government of India departments recognizing and appreciating the incredible value that our 4 year old organization is generating. NATHEALTH’s initiatives on creating the historic Code of Ethics to be adopted by most stakeholders in the Indian healthcare ecosystem in partnership with IMA,  finding clear benefits of Information Technology in healthcare through a win-win agreement with NASSCOM, providing logical and reasonable inputs to progress our Government’s Make in India agenda, collaborating on industry wide CSR and PPP along with many other initiatives have been exemplary. According to me the biggest contribution that NATHEALTH is making towards Indian healthcare is by providing a single and unique platform for bringing in strong alignment and common understanding amongst all our healthcare stakeholders, be it large hospitals or small nursing homes, medical technology/devices or diagnostic/imaging companies, health insurance sector or academic healthcare institutions, so as to rise above the ordinary and work towards a common cause of providing affordable and quality healthcare to our patients in India. The road to Aarogya Bharat has been well paved by NATHEALTH but the journey is still long, tedious and steep. I am supremely confident that with the sincere commitment we have demonstrated so far and the tenacious approach we have strategized for the future NATHEALTH will be hugely successful in the years to come and help our patients in India lead healthier and happier lives.

My sincere wishes to our very own NATHEALTH and to all its members and partners the very best of everything.

Mr. Sanjeev Vashishta
Chief Executive Officer, SRL Limited

As we celebrate 4 glorious years of NATHEALTH’s existence, I am delighted to congratulate each and every member of the NATHEALTH family for creating and nurturing a fabulous platform to bring various players from the industry together. Not only NATHEALTH has successfully brought the captains of the Industry together, it has worked assiduously towards creating Access of superior quality and timely Healthcare delivery at an affordable price to the people of India. It is quite heartening to learn about various initiatives taken by NATHEALTH in such a short span of time, including emphasising the need to optimise healthcare Infrastructure, helping in all earnest to shape policy, regulation and making all out efforts to bridge the skill and capacity gap. I wish NATHEALTH a huge success in all its endeavours and wish the team all the very best in its pursuit to build a better and a healthier future for the people of India.  

Dr Ranjan Pai
Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer, Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG)

It is, indeed, very heartening to see NATHEALTH growing from strength to strength. The very idea of NATHEALTH was extraordinary, if not revolutionary – to get all private stakeholders in the healthcare space in our country to a common platform, a forum for discussion and debate in order to drive the development of the healthcare sector and to influence and shape its policies. 

We have seen NATHEALTH provide significant thought leadership. It has looked critically at a wide and varied spectrum of issues such as affordability, innovation, skilling, funding and best practices, and arrive at workable solutions to address each of them. Above all, NATHEALTH has managed to “walk the talk” by relentlessly focusing on the crying need to bring in ethical practices in healthcare and has engaged its members to define and adopt a code of ethical conduct.

In the short span of a mere four years NATHEALTH has taken giant steps in matters which may have seemed impossible to address, just half a decade ago. On the occasion of NATHEALTH’s fourth anniversary, may I extend my best wishes to all the members and reiterate that the Manipal Education and Medical Group is very proud to be a part of this very progressive and proactive federation.

Mr. Gautam Khanna
CEO, P.D.Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research

NATHEALTH has completed 4 fruitful years and I’d take this opportunity to congratulate all members for being a part of this wonderful journey.

For a country like India which is not only populous but very diverse in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds, healthcare becomes complex as various governments (central and state) and healthcare providers grapple with the ever increasing challenges in providing quality healthcare for all.

Since its inception, NATHEALTH has made significant strides in representing all the stakeholders and in working along with the government to improve healthcare in India. The inclusiveness of the forum and ability to address issues of all has been instrumental for its growth. As the membership expands and various initiatives are rolled outNATHEALTHwill be the transformative force for Healthcare in India. I wish NATHEALTH all the very best for the future ahead.

Ms.Rama Vedashree
Vice President, NASSCOM

The Health Sector in India has many challenges and NATHEALTH will play a key role in addressing them.

Dr. Rana Mehta
Partner and Leader, Healthcare
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited

Wonderful to see how the NATHEALTH brand has grown to represent Indian Healthcare in such a short span of time Was at a healthcare investor conference in the US last week and two speakers quoted from NATHEALTH publications.

(Hony) Brig Dr Arvind Lal
Senior Vice President, NATHEALTH
Chairman & MD, Dr. Lal PathLabs  Ltd.

It is my proud privilege to have been associated with NATHEALTH from the beginning, first as the Treasurer, then as the Secretary and now as the Senior Vice President. I would like to see our organization blossom into the real ‘Voice of Healthcare’ for the entire country be it in the private or the public sector. Our endeavour should be to see a healthy India in which everybody prospers and that we achieve by 2050 the position of being third biggest economy. This means that we shall have to do much more in the control of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) that are taking away 60% of our lives prematurely. In the end, ‘Swach Bharat, Swasth Bharat’. Jai Hind!

Mr. Varun Khanna
Secretary, NATHEALTH
Managing Director, BD

It has been a modest journey but an important beginning. While a four year anniversary is a time of reflection and celebration, we must embrace what has been achieved and promise to stay committed on the path of making a difference. NATHEALTH has been at the forefront in acting as a catalyst towards addressing skill development, healthcare infrastructure and delivery over the last four years. Solutions exist, we just need to bring the best together and act upon them! The strength of each member company has spurred a tremendous momentum in addressing these challenging concerns at various levels. Going forward, we want to be proud, not only of what we achieve but also how we achieve it. It is because of our collaborative approach and our commitment to ethical standards, which gives us the zeal to continue to make an impact in India’s healthcare ecosystem.

Ms. Priyanka Aggarwal

My very warm congratulations to you and the entire NATHEALTH team on treading a wonderful journey for the last 4 years. It has been an honour and privilege to partner with NATHEALTH on the topic of leveraging technology to improve health outcomes. The passion of all the members, the enthusiasm of making a difference has been infectious – and looking forward to achieving greater goals together!

Ms. Charu Sehgal,
Partner, National Industry Leader- Life Sciences and Healthcare, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited

I have no doubt that it will be the benchmark that others will follow in their quest to create sustainable solutions to the problems of the new world.

Ms. Kulpreet Freddy Vesuna,
Founder & Managing Director, Impact Public Relations Pvt.  Ltd.

It fills me with great pleasure to see NATHEALTH achieving its vision of being a ‘Credible & Unified Voice’ in improving the healthcare eco-system when I see multi-stakeholders coming on its platform together.  Being a part of the birthing process of NATHEALTH, I feel humbled to be a part of it.  Here’s wishing NATHEALTH ever-growing success on its 4th Anniversary

Mr. R Chandrashekhar
President, NASSCOM

Hearty congratulations on crossing an important milestone today. You have done an amazing job of bringing together diverse groups of entities for a common purpose. I know it is hard work and extraordinarily challenging. That NATHEALTH has come so far and firmly established itself over 4 years as a key voice of so many segments of the healthcare provider eco-system is a tribute to your skill, knowledge, maturity, patience and perseverance.

All the best and wish you and NATHEALTH a bright future. Also look forward to deepening and expanding our collaboration in healthcare. Warm Regards.

Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh
Past President, NATHEALTH
Ex- Executive Vice Chairman, Fortis Healthcare

"Congratulations are in order for all the Members and the Secretariat of NATHEALTH on successful completion of four years of it’s operations.

It all started as an idea to make India healthier and, in a short span of four years, NATHEALTH has covered a long distance.

NATHEALTH has made significant strides, in its short journey of few years, in bringing together various players to address the country's healthcare needs.

As one of the co-founders, I feel that NATHEALTH has an onus to ensure that the Indian Healthcare system develops with the best intent of our citizens at its core and the right values as its foundation.

There is an urgency, in my mind, to develop a greater sense of responsibility on our parts in this regard.

Each of us must ensure that we leave this legacy behind for our children, so they may have a healthier and better future.”

Mr. Milan Rao
Vice president, NATHEALTH
President & CEO, India & South Asia, GE Healthcare, South Asia

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of NATHEALTH, I would like to congratulate all the members in evolving this forum into a truly representative platform for the Healthcare industry in India.

Starting with a few members, NATHEALTH has quickly transformed itself into a diverse group of hospital service providers, medical technology companies, diagnostic chains, nursing homes, clinics and healthcare IT, education and consulting companies - all bound by a strong desire to improve healthcare outcomes in India.

 NATHEALTH today is well positioned to champion the causes of Access, Affordability and Quality that are vital to solve the increasing burden of Healthcare in India. This would not have been possible without the cohesive working of past leadership teams, governing body councils and indeed, all the members of NATHEALTH. I would also like to congratulate the secretariat for their hard work and dedication as well as the Secretary General (and CNO!) Anjan Bose for his charismatic leadership over the past 4 years.

Mr. Prabal Chakraborty
Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
VP & MD, Boston Scientific India

Great news ! Congratulations to NATHEALTH ! Thanks for your outstanding leadership !

Dr. Shubnum Singh
Chief Executive, Max Institute Of Health Education and Research

Congratulations for being steadfast in steering the ship thus far. It certainly has not been an easy journey given NAT Health’s short history and the sea of differing voices – after all we are a vibrant democracy! Nonetheless we are here to stay J and as always collectively will put our shoulder to the wheel to make the ship move faster on its envisioned course.

Ms. Preetha Reddy
Governing Council Member, NATHEALTH
Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group

Congratulations to all the members on the momentous occasion of NATHEALTH's 4th Anniversary, every milestone takes us closer to our vision of being a collective voice in improving access and quality of healthcare in India.

Today, NATHEALTH comprising of brilliant and diverse members has achieved tremendous growth and in the recent years the collective expertise and experience has made great efforts by promoting initiatives benefiting the healthcare community. I am positive this wonderful journey of collaboration will reach newer heights in the coming years.

Best wishes for continued success

Mr. Karan Singh,
NATHEALTH Knowledge Partner and Managing Director, Bain & Company India Pvt. Ltd.

Congratulations on a significant milestone!

Worth reflecting on the amazing journey and great accomplishments that has been achieved in the short span of 4 years. This is truly an inclusive platform that has brought together stalwarts across healthcare and raised the need for reform and begun the critical dialogue x-stakeholders to shape the future of health in India. We have to succeed in redefining our health system and ensure it not only expands access, quality and affordability – but does so in a very sustainable and future ready manner. NATHEALTH has earned the respect, credibility and has the access, we must continue to push forward to achieve the bold vision defined.

It has been a privilege to work with the NATHEALTH leadership, GC/LT and the passionate presidents starting with Dr Reddy, Shivinder, Sushobhan and now Rahul.

Let me also add that NATEHALTH would not be what it is without Anjan Da – your leadership and role has been instrumental and we owe a lot of the success to you.

Please count on Bain, Parijat and myself to continue to support NATEHALTH and very much look forward working together to make the NATHEALTH agenda a reality

Mr. Parijat Ghosh
NATHEALTH Knowledge Partner and Partner Bain & Company India Pvt Ltd.

Dear NATHEALTH Team Members –

Many congratulations on the 4th anniversary! It has been an eventful period with many firsts for NATHEALTH.

As an organization, NATHEALTH was formed with a very bold and unique vision and mission – be a credible voice, represent all stakeholders, improve access and quality being a few of these. As we reflect back on the past few years, it has been a concerted effort to move towards these goals. We haven’t achieved these goals…yet, but then they weren’t meant to be achieved in a matter of years. As a young organization, we are moving in the right direction and I’m sure that NATHEALTH will learn to crawl, walk, run and leap!

NATHEALTH needs to leap and grow, not for itself, but because that is the urgent agenda of India. Improvements in health precede improvements in the economic well-being of our fellow citizens and a lot remains to be done on that front. There is a lot to be done to help create a healthcare ecosystem that is sustainable, conducive to growth and delivers a healthy India; and I’m sure that NATHEALTH will continue to play a trailblazing role on this front.

An organization is as good as its people. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve alongside the stalwarts of the healthcare industry. Wish NATHEALTH and the team all the very best for the coming years!

Mr. Abhinav Girdhar,
NATHEALTH Member and CEO & Co-founder, Bodhi Health Education Pvt. Ltd.

Many many congratulations Sir.

You are a wonderful team.

Mr. Vijay Thadani,
NATHEALTH Member and Co-Founder and MD, NIIT

Heartiest congratulations to the NATHEALTH team on the 4th anniversary. NATHEALTH has played a very timely role in providing a common platform for addressing policy issues and other reforms needed to facilitate quality healthcare for all.

Dr. Prathap C Reddy,
Founder President and Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

NATHEALTH was formed with the objective of an ecosystem with excellent healthcare connectivity that would provide an ideal platform for healthcare providers. All my good wishes on NATHEALTH’s 4th Anniversary; I am sure we will continue to fulfill our combined aspirations.